Thumbnail pictures from Chuson-ji in Hiraizumi in Tohoku - Japan

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rdsc46034_thumb.jpg 7.6K

rdsc46037_thumb.jpg 7.1K

rdsc46038_thumb.jpg 5.8K

rdsc46039_thumb.jpg 6.4K

rdsc46041_thumb.jpg 6.1K

rdsc46044_thumb.jpg 5.6K

rdsc46046_thumb.jpg 8.6K

rdsc46047_thumb.jpg 6.0K

rdsc46048_thumb.jpg 6.2K

rdsc46049_thumb.jpg 7.3K

rdsc46053_thumb.jpg 5.4K

rdsc46062_thumb.jpg 6.2K

rdsc46064_thumb.jpg 6.2K

rdsc46069_thumb.jpg 6.0K

rdsc46080_thumb.jpg 6.8K

xjb400_thumb.jpg 7.3K

xjb407_thumb.jpg 8.7K

xjb408_thumb.jpg 6.6K

xjb409_thumb.jpg 7.1K

xjb410_thumb.jpg 5.7K

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