Thumbnail pictures from Motsu-ji in Hiraizumi in Tohoku - Japan

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rdsc46181_thumb.jpg 4.9K

rdsc46183_thumb.jpg 6.1K

rdsc46187_thumb.jpg 5.7K

rdsc46188_thumb.jpg 6.6K

rdsc46190_thumb.jpg 5.0K

rdsc46194_thumb.jpg 6.6K

rdsc46199_thumb.jpg 6.0K

rdsc46201_thumb.jpg 6.0K

rdsc46205_thumb.jpg 6.2K

rdsc46206_thumb.jpg 6.9K

rdsc46207_thumb.jpg 6.0K

rdsc46208_thumb.jpg 7.0K

rdsc46209_thumb.jpg 6.3K

rdsc46213_thumb.jpg 6.0K

rdsc46215_thumb.jpg 5.8K

rdsc46217_thumb.jpg 5.8K

rdsc46225_thumb.jpg 5.9K

rdsc46228_thumb.jpg 4.2K

rdsc46234_thumb.jpg 4.8K

rdsc46238_thumb.jpg 5.2K

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